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Join us for our Thanksgiving Worship Service on Thanksgiving Day, November 23 at 9:30 a.m.  Holy Communion will be offered.
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Summer is the time when most of us get an opportunity for vacation or at least have a less hectic schedule that allows for more free time. With the opportunity to relax, a great leisure activity is reading. It’s been said that, “reading a good book is like taking a journey,” which is a fun aspect of getting into a book. Reading also helps a person learn and grow.


This summer, we are exploring a sermon series that is focused on a good book…Romans. In fact, many theologians including Martin Luther would say that it is the best book ever written because it so clearly articulates the gospel. It is rich with theological and doctrinal insights as well and was pivotal in the history of the Reformation. While that may not necessarily entice you to read Romans, perhaps this might: Romans was written at a time similar to the one in which we live today. In this great book, followers of Jesus are given insight on how to live and even thrive in an environment that can be hostile to Christianity. In it, God gives insights on how to deal with truth, suffering, government, evil, salvation, and many other things as well.


Open the Book of Romans with us and join in on the journey of discovering what God has to say to us in it. We’ll be working through approximately one chapter each week from June through October. 

2017-06-18 Romans 1 "The Best Book Ever Written" Pastor Michael Dorn
2017-06-25 Romans 2 "What About You" Pastor Michael Dorn
2017-07-02 Matthew 7 and Romans 3 "The Why and How of Righteousness" Pastor Greg Finke
2017-07-09 Romans 4:3 "The Abraham Window - Three Messages for the Church" Pastor Donald Black
2017-07-16 Romans 5: 1-11 "The Much More of God's Grace" Pastor David Leeland
2017-07-23 Romans 5:12-21
"The Much More of God's Grace -
   part 2"
Pastor David Leeland
2017-07-30 Romans 6:1-14
"I'm A New Person" & John the Baptist window
Pastor Michael Dorn
2017-08-06 Romans 6: 12-23
"The Price of Freedom"
Pastor Michael Dorn
2017-08-13 Romans 7:14-25
"Understanding God's Forgiveness"
no recording
2017-08-20 Romans 8:1-17
"The Difference Jesus makes for Us"
Pastor Michael Dorn
2017-08-27     Hurricane Harvey
2017-09-03 Romans 8:29-39
"More Than Conquerors"
Pastor Michael Dorn
2017-09-10 Romans 9 & 10
"Bringing Good News"
Pastor Michael Dorn
2017-09-17     no recording
2017-09-24 Romans 12 "Transformation" Pastor Michael Dorn
2017-10-01 Romans 13 "Government, Taxes, & Debts" Pastor Michael Dorn
2017-10-08 Romans 14 "What Joining Jesus on His Mission Looks Like" Pastor Greg Finke
 2017-10-29  Romans 3:19-28 "Celebrating 500" Pastor Michael Dorn
 2017-11-19  Matthew 14:22-33  "Jesus Calls...Step Out of the Boat" Pastor David Leeland