Trinity Downtown Lutheran Church

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Join us for worship this weekend: our contemporary Satellite Service is at 5:00 PM on Saturday in the Education Center (1316 Washington Ave), and our traditional worship is on Sunday morning at 8:15 and 10:50 in the Sanctuary. Come experience God's love and build meaningful relationships!

Worship, Grow, Live

That we would whole-heartedly gather in Worship to praise our awesome and gracious God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and receive His mercy, forgiveness and grace through our Lord Jesus Christ for life and ministry.  And in Worship, we would experience the life-changing and transforming power of the Holy Spirit for greater faith, hope and love in our lives and relationship in the name of Jesus.
That we would Grow closer and deeper in our Lord Jesus Christ through the study of His Word, gaining stronger faith, guidance for life, and courage to live out our faith in our world today.  That we would Grow closer together in fellowship with one another and in the unity of the Spirit that comes through His shaping of our hearts and minds through the Word.  That we would Grow as courageous and joyful people of prayer, lifting each other and our world up to our heavenly Father's throne of mercy and grace through Christ Jesus.  And, that we would Grow up in Christ using all our gifts, talents, abilities and strengths for His glory.
That we would Live to eagerly engage our community both near and far to share the saving love of Jesus Christ with all people now.  That each of us would discover the passion to serve and make a difference through Jesus that He has put on our hearts to Live out our faith in Houston and all around the world.  That we are called to Live as Christ's disciples, witnesses and servants every day wherever we are to share His salt and light with love and joy in our hearts.