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Pilate said to [Jesus], “What is truth?” John 18:38 ESV

For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I have been fully known. 1 Corinthians 13:12 ESV

Sometimes, it’s really hard to distinguish the truth. From a distance, it’s easy to miss the subtle indicators that help us discern truth from falsehood. Our visceral response to what we read or experience can often lead us down the wrong path. Increasingly, some digging is required to find the truth that’s buried under our emotional reactions, preconceived notions and blind spots.

Political pundits tell us that our society is moving into a “post-truth world” where everything becomes relative and “alternative facts” abound. Depending on what media sources you consume, you can come away with a very different view of reality than what others see. What’s assumed as conventional wisdom by one group isn’t even considered settled fact in another group. Just like trying to mix oil and water, our culture seems to be polarizing into “oily” groups and “watery” groups. They don’t really mix together very well, and the two constituent parts separate from the other as quickly as possible.

This Sunday at Trinity Downtown, we’ll conclude our sermon series entitled “Oil & Water.” This weekend, we’ll be exploring Jesus’ description of the last judgement, when the real separation between “oil and water” will occur. By digging deeper into His explanation, you may be surprised what Jesus is really telling us.

So please plan on joining us either in-person or virtually at Trinity Downtown this weekend at our contemporary service on Saturday at 5:00 pm or our traditional worship service on Sunday at 9:00 am. Reservations are required to attend either in-person worship service; you can see the details at  You may also make a reservation by calling Stefanie at 713.224.0684 from 8:30-2:30 each weekday. If you are not comfortable attending an in-person service, you can watch the “live stream” of our Satellite Service at 5:00 pm on Saturday, or our traditional service on Sunday at 9:00 am by clicking here. And, of course, you may also participate by watching either of these services “on demand” by clicking here.

Get a fresh jolt of Real Truth this weekend at Trinity Downtown as we celebrate God’s goodness and learn together how we can serve Him with joy. Join us; it will make a tremendous difference in your life.

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