Let each of you look not to your own interests, but to the interests of others. Philippians 2: 4 NRSV

Dear Members and Friends of Trinity Downtown:


Americans, and especially Texans, often adopt an attitude of self-reliance. Our cultural heroes are cowboys, astronauts and superheroes, all who handle their problems with their own grit, determination and individual resources. We subconsciously act as if we can fix our own problems, live our own lives and we often resent interference from government or Big Business in how we go about our lives. There is, of course, much to be lauded in that attitude.


In reality, however, we are all intimately interconnected. My actions inevitably impact my neighbor and my community. And the coronavirus infection has reminded us how connected we really are, even with people who might be strangers to us. Simple things like grocery shopping (anyone have any spare toilet paper?!) or going to a concert are now scrutinized and worried over.


Indeed, we really DO need each other. You need me, and I need you. We need to lean on each other as a community of Christ-followers. And if we really are following Jesus’ example, we’ll each find our specific place of service in the church and in our community.


This weekend at Trinity Downtown we’ll be discussing how we can follow Jesus into a life of service. Not grudgingly; not in a “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” mentality. And certainly not doing acts of service in a futile attempt to show God how deserving we are. Weaving a servant’s heart into our all of our interactions offers the chance to experience a joyful life working alongside the Creator. Following Jesus on the path of service sometimes entails getting out of our comfort zones. But along the way we’ll experience joys we never anticipated and fight important battles and achieve victories which we might have otherwise sidestepped.


Come and hear how a life of servanthood can shift all of your relationships to the next level. Your kids won’t want to miss our “Kingdom Quest” pre-school and student gatherings, and you’ll enjoy making new friends and learning more about your faith in our expanded array of adult bible study classes, all held at 9:30 am on Sunday.  As part of our Lenten journey, we’ll also be offering a special “Red Letter Challenge” adult bible study at 9:30 am in the gym on Sunday. Don’t miss this opportunity to deepen your focus on Christ during this Lenten season!


This weekend, during this time of stress and uncertainty, don’t pass up the opportunity to gain strength from your church family. Come learn how placing your faith and fears in the hands of Jesus can lessen your stress load and bring deep transformation in our hearts. Celebrate with us the depth of Jesus’ love for us and find out how you can live a life of significance, filled with meaning.  Discover how following Jesus can help you and your family navigate this current health crisis.


Please note that if you’re not able to attend our weekend worship services, you can view all of our sermons online! Check it out here!

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