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“The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.” 2 Corinthians 13:14 ESV

Dear Members and Friends of Trinity Downtown:

If God is accurately described in the Bible as Creator of all possible visible and invisible realities, then we can confidently deduce that as His creatures, there are bound to be physical and spiritual facts that are simply too complicated for us to completely comprehend. Take light, for instance.  We take light for granted, but it represents an enduring scientific mystery. Scientists know that light is transmitted by a sub-atomic particle called a “photon”. But scientists decisively proved over a century ago that light travels in invisible waves that behave just like ocean waves. So, light is, simultaneously, both a particle and a wave.  Wrap your head around that one!

Christianity is full of similar mysteries. We confess Jesus was fully God. We also confess that Jesus was a human being. So, Jesus is, simultaneously, both God and human. We confess during Holy Communion that Jesus’ body and blood are present in, with and under the bread and wine. So, the bread and wine are, simultaneously, both physical food and spiritual food.

Perhaps the trickiest mystery in Christianity is the concept of the Trinity.

Like Judaism, we are monotheists; there is only one God. But contained in that one divine essence are three persons. So, God is, simultaneously, both one and three.

Why is this so, I can hear you ask? Why are there mysteries we can’t understand? In my book, any belief system that claims to totally understand everything must be the product of human imagination. Christianity contains paradoxes and mysteries simply because it represents Reality, a Reality that we did not make up or fully comprehend.

This weekend at Trinity Downtown

(May 29th & 30th)

This weekend at Trinity Downtown we’ll be celebrating the mystery of the Trinity, and explore how Father, Son and Holy Spirit are worthy of our awe and worship. You can participate in-person at our contemporary worship service on Saturday at 5:00 pm or our traditional worship service on Sunday at 9:00 am. Learn more about our worship services below.

Our doors will open 30 minutes before the start of each service, and I’d suggest that you arrive a bit early for the worship service as we all become accustomed to our new check-in stations. As always, we ask that if you are not feeling well, please stay home and participate with us online.

Watch Online

You can watch the “live stream” of our Satellite Service at 5:00 pm on Saturday, or our traditional service on Sunday at 9:00 am by clicking the button below. And, of course, you may also participate by watching either of these services “on demand” at any time. To enhance your worship this weekend, we’ve placed this weekend’s Order of Worship and our updated prayer list below.

houston online worship
Drive through worship communion
Drive-Up Communion

We continue to offer drive-up Communion on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Please note that these services will be taking a “vacation” on July 30th through July 10th.

COVID-19 Updates

We continue to be deeply thankful for the God-inspired work of our medical professional who developed and are distributing the COVID vaccines, and who continue to care for those afflicted with this disease. We are constantly reviewing our COVID-related safety protocols so that we’re in line with current government regulations and the evolving scientific guidelines. At present, here are what you can expect this weekend when you arrive:

  • Those who are fully vaccinated are no longer required to wear a mask on campus;
  • Masks should be worn at all times on campus by those who have not been vaccinated.We are requiring this in keeping with the CDC’s guidelines and for the safety of our members and guests. This will be on the honor system and between you and Jesus;
  • We ask that you continue to use the marked entrance doors and be sure to sign in at one of our “check-in” stations for worship. We’ll have volunteers available to assist you with navigating the check-in process.
  • Open seating for worship in the Sanctuary except for the back pews on the pulpit side. We are reserving the back pews on the pulpit side for those who prefer the option of social-distancing. Please be considerate of others who may not be comfortable with people sitting next to them;
  • Now that we have open seating, please continue to be alert and considerate of those around you who may be hesitant to sit close, shake hands or hug; and
  • Open seating for Satellite worship with chairs spaced out. The chairs will continue to be placed as they have been over the last several months to accommodate those who prefer social distancing.

Please take advantage of our nursery, which is now open to care for children 2 years old and younger. On Sunday, we will continue to offer coffee and snacks outside the sanctuary under the porte cochere following the worship service.

Come celebrate the mystery of the Holy Trinity with us this weekend; come reconnect with Jesus and your church community. Let the joy of Lord flood your heart and refresh your soul so you can share His love and peace with everyone!
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