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Our relationship with Christ isn’t designed for just Sunday morning. 

This weekend at Trinity Downtown, we’ll continue our exploration of the New Testament book of Acts and watch how the Holy Spirit transformed the early believers into a new temple—a temple not comprised of stones, but of the hearts and souls of His children.

Come join your fellow-Christians as we learn how to proclaim God’s love and truth through the Holy Spirit’s power…the same power that energized the early disciples!

Houston’s recent storms have damaged the church building’s roof and landscaping and tore up the playground canopy. I’ve included some pictures below. We estimate that it will cost $20,000 to repair the damage. If you’d wish to contribute toward these repair costs, you may do so by writing “Derecho” on your check, or designating your online gift to the “Derecho Good Riddance” fund option on the online giving platform.

June is a very busy month here at Trinity! Here’s what’s going on:

● This past week, our junior high school students hosted students from Trinity-Klein in a joint mission trip with over 40 participants! 

● Next week, Trinity will be hosting over 80 students from various churches for a week-long mission trip to Houston starting on June 16th sponsored by World Changers. Please pray that the Lord will grant protection to these students, and that their hearts will be infused with Jesus’ love as they serve under-resourced individuals in our area.

● Our high school students will be participating in a mission trip to Kentucky starting June 22nd sponsored by Next Step Ministries. This will be a life-changing event in their lives, so please shower the mission trip in your prayers.

● The Houston Lutheran Chorale will hold their July 4th concert at Trinity at 4:00 pm on 7/4/24.

The Scripture readings for the service are:

Sunday’s worship folder can be found by clicking here. Sunday’s sermon will be based on:

Acts 5:12-31
Mark 4:26-34

You can watch the “live stream” of our Sunday morning worship service by clicking here. Of course, you may also participate by watching the “on demand” video of any of our previous services by clicking here.

Thankful to be your Pastor,

Michael Dorn

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