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Let’s face it-God sometimes allows suffering to come into our lives.

This weekend at Trinity Downtown, we’ll continue our exploration of the New Testament book of Acts by taking a deep dive into the story of Stephen. As the first Christian martyr, we’ll see how Stephen’s faith informed his actions in a high-stakes confrontation.

Come join your fellow-Christians as we learn how to proclaim God’s love and truth through the Holy Spirit’s power…the same power that energized Stephen to make the ultimate sacrifice for his faith.

June continues to be a very busy month here at Trinity! Here’s what’s going on:

● This week our high school students are away participating in a mission trip to Kentucky sponsored by Next Step Ministries. (I’ve attached a picture of the participants below.) Please pray that the students will have a safe and uneventful trip back to Houston this weekend, and that God will continue using the mission trip’s experiences to transform their faith.

● Next week, you won’t want to miss the Houston Lutheran Chorale will hold their July 4th concert at Trinity at 4:00 pm on 7/4/24.

Houston’s recent storms have damaged the church building’s roof and landscaping, and tore up the playground canopy. If you’d wish to contribute toward these repair costs, you may do so by writing “Derecho” on your check, or designating your online gift to the “Derecho Good Riddance” fund option on the online giving platform.

The Scripture readings for the service are:

Sunday’s worship folder can be found by clicking here. Sunday’s sermon will be based on:

Acts 7:44-8:1a
Mark 5:21-24a,35-43

You can watch the “live stream” of our Sunday morning worship service by clicking here. Of course, you may also participate by watching the “on demand” video of any of our previous services by clicking here.

Thankful to be your Pastor,

Michael Dorn

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