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God intervenes

And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us… John 1:14a

Prayer is a wonderful gift from our Heavenly Father that allows us to build a relationship with Him. It’s where we can ask, seek and knock, and we can hear what He whispers back to us. So, what do you expect to happen when you pray? Do you anticipate He will answer grudgingly, and your task is to persuade a stingy God to give you just enough “get by”?

I’ve found that God’s response to my requests is often an extravagant answer that I wouldn’t have predicted, informed by the Almighty’s ability to see around the bend, and by Someone who understands my deepest needs and weaknesses.  And sometimes, I’ve found that God takes matters into His own hands with a proactive solution that overwhelms my puny man-made fixes. During Advent, we are celebrating a perfect example of such an extravagant response, where God Himself came down to live among us. Jesus came breathing our air, exposed to our diseases (both physical and spiritual, walking the dusty roads of Palestine just so He could dwell with us.

This weekend (Sunday, December 22nd), join us for a combined worship service at 9:30 am. We’ll celebrate how God sometimes proactively breaks into our world in quiet yet profound ways. Due to the holiday season, we will NOT be holding our Sunday School or Adult Bible Study classes.

Please remember to keep Pastor Hofmann and Stacy in your prayers as they consider their response to the Call from St. John’s in Beaumont, TX. Join me in praying for God’s will to be done and His continued blessings on the Hofmann family in this matter.

This weekend come learn how placing our faith and fears in the hands of the God who continually tells us to “fear not” can lessen our stress load during this busy season. Celebrate with us the depth of Jesus’ love for us and find out how you can live a life of significance, filled with meaning.  Discover how following Jesus can help you and your family navigate around the minefields of life.

Come get ready for the arrival of our King at Trinity Downtown this weekend. It will make a tremendous difference in your life.

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