Are You In Life's Waiting Room?

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Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage… Psalm 27:14a ESV

Recently, one of Trinity’s staff members sent me a text early one morning as he was commuting to work. The text said: “train STOPPED across Houston Ave” and included a couple of emojis expressing impatience and horror. The cause of his distress is a train crossing just north of our church that sometimes blocks traffic on Houston Avenue. As a train aficionado, my response to the text was “enjoy the view!” If I were stuck at a train crossing, I’d actually enjoy watching the train cars parade by, each with different cargo and an ultimate destination. When you’re stuck, you may as well use the time productively.

That said, the text DID express a basic human reaction– having a train delayone’s commute is merely irritating; having a train blocking the pathwithout any indication of when the wait will be finished can be infuriating.

Perhaps you find yourself in the same (metaphorical) position. Life is filled with opportunities to wait. But maybe it’s worse than that; perhaps you feel trapped in life’s waiting room. You’re stuck waiting for the latest prognosis from your [insert cardiologist, oncologist, your special-ologist.] You’re haven’t heard if the job offer will come through, or if the pregnancy will happen this month. Maybe your company is merging with a bigger competitor, and layoff whispers are circulating madly.

Things seem out of your control, and all you can do is wait for the proverbial train to chug its way across the road.

This weekend at Trinity

We’ll continue our sermon series that explores how we can re-frame the time we’re stuck in God’s waiting room. We’ll explore how God can convert our waiting into a God-filled activity. If you are feeling like your life is out of your control (it is) or that God has forgotten you (He hasn’t) come find out how God can use your “waiting time” to help you find your true purpose at our contemporary service on Saturday at 5:00 pm, and/or the traditional worship services on Sunday at 8:15 am and 10:50 am. Your kids won’t want to miss our “Kingdom Quest” pre-school and student gatherings, and you’ll enjoy making new friends and learning more about your faith in our expanded array of adult bible study classes, all held at 9:30 am on Sunday.

Trinity’s “Alpha” course is continuing on Monday evenings at 6:00 pm with a solid group of folks who are seeking to understand and grow. Please continue to pray for all of the participants that God will bring hungry hearts to experience His grace and love through the Alpha course.

Come learn how placing our faith and fears in the hands of Jesus can lessen our stress load and bring deep transformation in our hearts. Celebrate with us the depth of Jesus’ love for us and find out how you can live a life of significance, filled with meaning.  Discover how following Jesus can help you and your family navigate around the minefields of life.

Get a fresh jolt of spiritual energy at Trinity Downtown. It will make a tremendous difference in your life.

Donation Opportunity

We’ve all seen the devastation wrought by Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas and in North Carolina. The Florida-Georgia District of the LCMS is raising funds to help alleviate Dorian’s impact on our neighbors. We will be taking up a special offering for this purpose next weekend, September 21-22, so please come prepared to give what the Lord would place on your heart to give.

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