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Houston Bible Study Classes at Trinity

Looking for Houston bible study classes? Then look no further. As Trinity Downtown encourages and supports its community to grow deeply in their faith in Jesus, we provide a variety of Bible studies, discipleship classes, and growth opportunities at various times and locations throughout the week. We recognize people are at different places in their faith journey.

Sunday Morning Studies 9:30-10:30 AM

Choose Joy – The Book of Philippians

Led by Bill Fischer’s Team
Room 201

This “Prison Epistle” of Paul carries all of the doctrine and theology of the rest of his writings.  But the underlying theme of the book is joy and how it can be a part of all Christians’ lives.  The joy of being in Christ is there for the taking.  Through this study we hope to learn how to “Choose Joy.”


Christian Rubric for Life
Led by Thomas DeVries
Room 206

On a routine basis we face questions that do not have simple answers. We can see the logic in competing arguments, but we cannot be sure we see God in our responses. This class appreciates that the answers are not simple, but that God has given us the knowledge through His Word, the tools provided by history’s greatest theologians and the aptitude that God bestowed in each one of us to develop our own personal Christian Rubric for life.

Encountering Jesus

Led by Jim Cleary’s Team
Room 205

In this study, we’ll examine the stories of how seven people—among them a scholar, a failure, a blind man and an adulteress—found their lives changed forever when they met Jesus Christ. Looking at their lives can give you hope when you find yourself dealing with failure or with an emptiness nothing in life seems to fill. Discussion-oriented.

Faith Discovery – New Member Class

Led by Pastor Michael P. Dorn
Room 123

“Faith Discovery,” is an 8-week class for those desiring to join Trinity Downtown.

The Faith Discovery class offers an opportunity to learn more about the Christian faith and how you can become part of the Trinity community as we each live out our faith every day.  Class participants will discover how God has uniquely gifted them, and how they, in turn, can use their gifts in service to Him and to our neighbors.

The Lutheran Mind – The Theology of the Cross

Led by Pastor Michael Hofmann
Room 233

Why do bad things happen? How does God work His will in the midst of our sufferings? Why is there pain? Why is there suffering? Why did God let Adam and Eve eat from the tree? How do we reconcile what God has revealed with what remains hidden? These are some hard questions with which most of us have struggled. Even people we know who are “unchurched” probably have struggled with these questions. They might have even approached us with them. And regardless of the amount of our theological training, we all wrestle with these complex, yet fundamental questions about God, Jesus, sin, man, life and death. Join us as we explore the depths of our Lutheran Minds.

Weekday Bible Studies

Sacred Guidance. How a Relationship with Jesus Leads Us to Mentor Others. (Women’s Study)

Led by Michael Winckler
10:00 AM – Room 205

The Ladies of Trinity Downtown and the community are welcome to join the Tuesday Morning Women’s Bible Study each week from 10:00 t0 11:30 a.m. A new study, led by Director of Youth Ministries, Michael Winckler, entitled Sacred Guidance. How a Relationship with Jesus Leads Us to Mentor Others will begin November 12. This engaging study will feature open discussion, while examining what God’s Word says about the need for mentoring within a Christian faith community such as Trinity Downtown. Please plan to join us for this valuable time of growth and fellowship.

Family Trees and Olive Branches (Women’s Study) 

Led by Jan Case
9:30 AM – Room 124

1st Corinthians (Women’s Study) 

Led by Mary Oliver
6:30 PM – Room 207

Sonrise Bible Study

Led by Pastor Donald Black
6:30 AM – Room 124

The class discusses the Scripture readings assigned for the following Sunday. The class is open to men and women. Coffee is available. For more information, contact Pastor Black at 713.229.2917 or dblack@trinitydt.org.

Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays
Young Adults Bible Study

Led by Pastor Michael Hofmann
1st Friday – 7:00 PM – Offsite

3rd Saturday -10:30 AM

5th Sunday – Noon

This dynamic group of 20s and 30s, singles and couples, meets the 1st Fridays of each month, the 3rd Saturday and 5th Sunday for Bible study and desserts. The group is currently studying the Book of Isaiah. Please contact Pastor Michael Hofmann, Email or 915.500.2993 for more information.