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Trinity Downtown’s main campus is where Sunday’s worship and Bible study activities occur. We’re located at:

800 Houston Ave
Houston, TX 77007

Ample parking is available at this address, or directly across Washington Avenue at the Upbring School of Discovery and Leadership at 1316 Washington Avenue.

What should I wear?

Whatever is legal! You’ll find some folks in suits or dresses, but most prefer to dress more casually.

How long are the services?

Trinity Downtown’s worship services and Bible studies generally last about an hour each. In between activities, you’re welcome to grab a cup of coffee or a pastry in our Gathering Space.

What about my kids?

People of all ages are welcome at Trinity Downtown. On Sunday, we have a professionally-staffed nursery for your infants and toddlers, and age-appropriate classes for kindergarten, elementary, middle school and high school students. Children are also welcome to participate in our worship services.

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