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The 2019 National Youth Gathering was an amazing trip filled with worship and service for our Trinity-Downtown members! Held every three years, the LCMS Youth Gathering provides thousands of youth and adults the opportunity to join together as a community of God’s people and learn more about Jesus Christ. During their five days at the gathering, the attendees spent time together in God’s word and fellowship with others.

Trinity-Downtown members Maris Frost, Kristin Beatty, our adult leader Elizabeth Oliver and Director of Youth Ministries Michael Winckler had the blessing of being able to join 28,000 other youth and adults at the LCMS National Youth Gathering to learn more about our real, present, God. To recap the Gathering, here are some of amazing things accomplished throughout the five days.

  • 1,003,014- Meals were made for Feed my Starving Children by participants at NYG.
  • 28,000- Students, adult leaders, young adults, and volunteers were a part of this year’s NYG each and every one of us experiencing massive worship events all the way to the intimacy of communion.
  • 1,013- The number of kits made for the homeless by NYG participants.
  • 800- Roughly the number of hours the gospel was creatively proclaimed through just over 100 speakers ranging from President Harrison himself all the way to NBA Small Forward Sam Dekker who some of you may remember worshiped here during his time on the Rockets roster.
  • 463- The number of units of blood donated by NYG participants.
  • 19- The number of countries represented at NYG.
  • 10- The number of break-out sessions our adult leaders and youth went to.
  • 4- The number of souls saved through the Holy Waters of Baptism. 4 students were baptized during the course of NYG!

We are so thankful to have been a part of this experience and made some wonderful memories!

Thank you Minneapolis for hosting a great NYG! We can’t wait till NYG 2022 in Magnolia City! Get ready to “Live” and serve Trinity Downtown!

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